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Seattle Structural

Seattle Structural PS, Inc. is an award winning engineering consulting firm dedicated to providing client-focused service for a wide variety of structural, community, and civil projects.

Waterfront Structures

Waterfront and over-water structures play a key role in Puget Sound communities. Seattle Structural continues to build specialized expertise on waterfront structure condition assessment, renovation, repair, demolition, and construction projects.  We have experience along the Seattle waterfront that includes the Seattle Aquarium and the City of Seattle as clients. For instance, recent work has seen us in a boat under serval piers on the Seattle waterfront. Consequently, this is a specialty niche we continue to develop.

Large-Scale Display Systems and Scoreboards

Our firm has been behind some of the most visible display systems in the world, including for example, one of the world’s largest center-hung scoreboards and displays at the new World Trade Center.  A wide variety of indoor and outdoor displays are included in our portfolio. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our structural engineering design solutions for complex systems. As a result, we have become known for providing quick and practical designs.

Specialty Structures

We relish the chance to dig into something different, and as a result we have provided engineering for a wide variety of specialty structures. For instance, we designed elements for Olympic Sculpture Park and Harbor Steps. Our broad range of experience includes art installations, show rigging, theater productions, showrooms, hospitality facilities, restaurants, tenant improvements, site adaptations, and complicated HVAC installations. In summary, no project is too unusual for us to tackle.

Renovation and Upgrade

Seismic Structural Projects Collaboration Opportunities

As long-time professionals in the Pacific Northwest, we have a deep understanding of seismic analysis, upgrade, retrofit, and design related to all types of structures. Renovation and upgrade projects involve unique challenges that we meet with thoughtful, practical, and innovative solutions.  We are well versed in working with historic buildings, which for example often require some elements be maintained. Further, our award-winning designs have allowed continued operations during comprehensive renovations and upgrades. Consequently, clients appreciate our hands-on approach that often saves time and money.

Construction Support

Seattle Structural is known throughout the region for our construction expertise. We work with many of the local contractors to help resolve field issues, engineer design/build components, engineer field repairs, engineer shoring and crane foundations, and advise on means and methods.

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